Federal Government Shutdown & Violence Against Women Act: What Does it Mean for Domestic Violence Programs in Louisiana?

Did the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) expire with the government shutdown? What does that mean for the protections and programs in the law?

Yes, it did expire. VAWA was not reauthorized prior to the shutdown, and many VAWA-funded programs are included in the shutdown. However, reauthorization and appropriations (funding) are two separate things. When a spending bill is eventually passed, appropriations to VAWA will likely be included, with or without reauthorization. In addition, the existing protections enshrined in VAWA continue to exist despite its expiration.

When it comes to VAWA reauthorization, it is more important to do it right than to do it quickly. We urge Congress to pass a Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act that provides critical enhancements and improvements to the law.

The government shutdown, not the lack of VAWA reauthorization, is the most significant and urgent threat to domestic violence services.

Read our full statement here: Shutdown VAWA FAQ

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