Systems Partnerships 

LCADV partners with the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services, with this partnership we have on going trainings with child welfare staff regarding the dynamics of domestic violence and appropriate interventions. Through partnership with the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund LCADV is able to provide our annual Children’s Advocacy Institute. 


Children Exposed to Violence: When Domestic Violence Meets Child Abuse

Standard Length: 3 hours
Ideal for: Social workers, behavioral health professionals, child welfare professionals, domestic violence advocates, CASA/CAC staff and volunteers, professionals working in school settings

Research confirms the detrimental effects of childhood exposure to domestic violence. This training addresses the intersection of domestic violence and child abuse, with an in depth look at how batterer tactics affect children in the household.

– Explore the dynamics of domestic violence
– Recognize the needs of children exposed to domestic violence
– Acquire screening techniques and risk and protective factors that are unique to domestic violence
– Apply evidence based developmental and age-appropriate interventions
– Formulate a model case plan applicable to children exposed to domestic violence

To schedule a Children Exposed to Violence training in your area, please contact us.


Domestic Violence Homicide Protocol 

LCADV provides a recommended protocol and accompanying toolkit for responding to children exposed to domestic homicides. This protocol is intended for use by first responders and allied professionals who work in the field of domestic violence. It gives a step by step guide to responding to children who have been affected by domestic violence deaths, whether or not they were on scene at the incident. The protocol walks through a process in chronological order from the time of the incident to the time of a child reintegrating at school.

For more information of the Domestic Violence Homicide Protocol click here 


Statewide Protocol for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Homicide

49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child


Books Appropriate for children exposed to domestic violence

Ages 4-8

Ages 9-12