LCADV provides several types of Legal Systems Advocacy. We provide Coordinated Community Response Team Development, training, and technical assistance for law enforcement, and civil legal advocacy. LCADV strives to eliminate domestic violence through systems advocacy, public education, and social change. LCADV sits on the Louisiana Protective Order Registry Steering Committee and the Louisiana Domestic Violence Prevention Commission. 

Coordinated Community Response Team Development 

Domestic violence is a complex social problem and the safety, healing and empowerment of victims of domestic violence and their children is best promoted when responses, services, and resources are victim-centered, trauma-informed, focused on holding offenders accountable, and coordinated.

LCADV supports the development, implementation, and enhancement of domestic violence specific coordinated community response teams within local communities across Louisiana by offering regional and local trainings/workshops on various related topics, written materials and tools to guide these team throughout their existence (sample recruitment letters, agendas, MOUs, and confidentiality agreements; PowerPoint slides on various CCRT related topics that can be used to guide meetings; activities that can be used to ensure that meetings are engaging and promoting the goals of CCRTs; assessment tools; etc…), facilitation or guidance to facilitators of CCRT meetings;  facilitation, guidance, and tools to engage in CCRT strategic planning and assessment processes, and any additional technical assistance needed to help ensure that domestic violence specific coordinated community response teams develop across our state, are effectively implemented, and continue functioning in a healthy and productive manner to promote the safety, healing, empowerment of domestic violence survivors and their children.

Civil Legal Advocacy and Technical Assistance

LCADV staff attorneys provide technical assistance to member programs and allies on issues surrounding temporarily restraining orders, protective orders, child custody, child support, divorce, immigration, and other civil legal needs of domestic violence survivors. Staff attorneys also issue guidance documents and topic briefs on issues that are relevant to survivors and programs. 

Training and Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement

LCADV provides technical assistance and trainings to law enforcement, additional trainings can be developed or modified to meet your agency’s specific needs. If you would like to contract with LCADV to provide on-site training, please contact us


Standard Length: 1 hour – 1.5 hours
Ideal for: Social workers, behavioral health professionals, child welfare professionals, CASA/CAC staff and volunteers, any professional seeking to understand domestic violence

This training provides in depth information regarding domestic violence dynamics and statistics, based on the latest research and promising practices in the domestic violence field. Participants will leave with an understanding of:

– Advanced domestic violence dynamics
– Power and control in abusive relationships
– Types of domestic violence
– Batterer tactics
– Re-envisioning the cycle of abuse


Standard Length: 3 hours
Ideal for: Law enforcement, Judiciary, Corrections, Advocates, Prosecution 

The Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) is the first empirically validated domestic violence risk assessment tool that assesses the risk of future domestic assault, and the frequency and severity of future assaults. It is the preferred risk assessment tool for the state of Louisiana. ODARA should not be implemented in your community without proper training on the tool from an authorized trainer. LCADV has a network of authorized trainers throughout the state.

This training addresses:

– Risk assessment in domestic violence cases
– Development and purposes of ODARA
– Validations of ODARA
– ODARA instructions and scoring
– Hands-on practice scenarios for ODARA scoring
– Guidance on implementation of ODARA in your jurisdiction
– ODARA scorebook and materials for implementation are included with this training

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