Louisiana’s Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Homicide Protocol

LCADV is pleased to provide a recommended protocol and accompanying toolkit for responding to children exposed to domestic homicides.

This protocol was the result of a three year project, funded by the Federal Department of Justice, dedicated to building capacity to assist children exposed to violence. A group of stakeholders and partners, including The New Orleans Children’s Bureau, the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Department of Children and Family Services, participated in authoring the protocol.

This protocol is intended for use by first responders and allied professionals who work in the field of domestic violence. It gives a step by step guide to responding to children who have been affected by domestic violence deaths, whether or not they were on scene at the incident. The protocol walks through a process in chronological order from the time of the incident to the time of a child reintegrating at school.

The protocol is available to professionals working in the field of domestic violence who wish to implement a coordinated response to children exposed to domestic homicide in their local communities. Because this protocol is not intended for the general public, and because technical assistance from LCADV may be required to implement the protocol, we require registration prior to making the protocol available.

Please register below to receive a copy of the homicide protocol. In order to receive a copy of the protocol, you must be affiliated with an involved in domestic homicide response.

You can download the accompanying toolkit here.

Children Exposed to Domestic Homicide Protocol

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