Public policy is a set of actions that the government establishes when approaching a problem that affects society as a group, rather than on an individual level. Legislative advocacy is one of the tools that LCADV uses to promote positive public policy that increases victim safety and perpetrator accountability.

LCADV acts as the lead organizer on domestic violence related public policy issues at the state and federal level. From the state capitol to Washington D.C., we work to ensure that legislation supports our member programs as they carry out their missions, and policies support the safety and wellbeing of survivors and their children.

During session, we sometimes draft legislation, support the passage of laws and budget resolutions, provide testimony to the Louisiana legislature, and develop and implement strategies to oppose bills that are dangerous to survivors. We also host our annual Day at the Capitol, which is an opportunity for advocates from all across the state to speak with their local legislators about legislation affecting domestic violence victims and survivors. We use this time to educate lawmakers about the challenges survivors face when trying to get help.

Poor domestic violence policy endangers lives, and it’s crucial that policy makers understand how rules at the top affect the work done on the ground. LCADV is dedicated to bringing about change in our institutions, laws, politics, attitudes, and beliefs which will allow individuals to live free of violence.

If you’d like to help us continue our mission of safer policy, you can donate funds, follow us on social media to receive policy alerts about when to contact your lawmakers, and/or join the coalition as member.

2021 Summary of Signed Legislation

2022 Summary of Signed Legislation





This page provides updates on LCADV’s current public policy efforts. For public policy information from previous years, visit our Policy Archives.