Domestic Violence License Plate Now Available

A special domestic violence license plate is now available for all Louisiana residents!

license plateRoyalty fees on these special license plates will support LCADV’s work to end domestic violence through public policy, education, and social change.

To order your domestic violence license plate, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the OMV website “order special plates” section: Domestic violence license plate

2. Type in your existing license plate number then press submit. You will go to a new page.

3. At the top of this page you will see the different types of plates. Choose “Organization/Service” and scroll down through the list to “LA Coalition Against Violence.”

4. In the lower left side of this page press the link “Ordering Details.” You will go to a new page.

5. In the lower left side of this page press the link “Order Form.”

6. Print the form, fill it out, include your check or money order, a copy of your current registration and proof of insurance. Mail it in.

7. If for some reason you cannot complete the process online, you will see a contact number for the OMV on their website. Call them and they will walk you through the process.


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