Coalition Launches Innovative Financial Empowerment Programs

For Immediate Release: December 20, 2016

Baton Rouge, LA — The Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (LCADV) announced today it received a competitive grant from The Allstate Foundation. The funding will help LCADV implement a Financial Empowerment Program in the Acadiana and Central Louisiana regions. This is the first such grant awarded to a domestic violence organization in Louisiana. The Allstate Foundation’s funding, called the Moving Ahead Through Financial Empowerment Grant, will support Financial Empowerment Programs at two domestic violence organizations in the Acadiana and Central Louisiana regions: Faith House of Acadiana and Safety Net for Abused Persons. With the support of LCADV, these programs will implement financial education, credit repair, and matched savings programs for survivors of domestic violence.

The coalition notes that financial abuse frequently prevents domestic violence victims from acquiring, using or maintaining financial resources. Abusers employ tactics like preventing their partners from working or accessing a bank, credit card or transportation in order to isolate them. Financial abuse happens in 99 percent of all domestic violence cases – survivors need targeted tools and strategies to address financial struggles and plan for safe, secure futures.

“We are excited to bring this innovative programming to Louisiana,” said Mariah Wineski, Interim Executive Director of LCADV. “We know that financial abuse is a very real barrier to safety for many domestic violence survivors. These programs are unique because they provide the tangible assistance that survivors need to recover from financial abuse. It is really groundbreaking work for Louisiana.”

LCADV is one of 20 organizations nationally to receive a Moving Ahead Through Financial Empowerment Grant. In total, the 20 grants amounted to $1.2 million that will benefit more than 40 programs across the country. Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has donated more than $50 million to help break the cycle of violence, and has helped more 1,000,000 survivors take steps toward financial independence.

The credit repair, financial education, and matched savings programs are part of a larger effort by LCADV and its member programs to address financial abuse and economic empowerment for survivors of domestic violence in Louisiana. In recent years, LCADV has promoted economic empowerment through its legislative efforts, including workplace protections for domestic violence survivors, child support reform, and equal pay initiatives.

About The Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence:
The Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (LCADV) is a statewide network of programs, organizations, and individuals who share the goal of ending domestic violence in Louisiana. LCADV empowers its members and communities through advocacy, education, resource development, and technical assistance. LCADV is dedicated to bringing about change in our institutions, laws, politics, attitudes, and beliefs which will allow individuals to live free of violence. For more information, visit

About The Allstate Foundation:
Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent, charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL). Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country, The Allstate Foundation brings the relationships, reputation and resources of Allstate to support innovative and lasting solutions that enhance people’s well-being and prosperity. With a focus on building financial independence for domestic violence survivors, empowering youth and celebrating the charitable community involvement of Allstate agency owners and employees, The Allstate Foundation works to bring out the good in people’s lives. For more information, visit

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