Tier 2 Membership – Advocacy, Outreach, or Culturally Specific Programs
Application Process

Organizations seeking to become Tier 2 program members must complete the Tier 2 Program Membership Application and return it to LCADV with all supporting documentation.  A committee will review the application.

If the application paperwork is approved, a site visit will be scheduled. The committee will check for compliance of all relevant standards and will meet with the applicant’s board members and staff during that visit.

The committee will issue a report on the results of the site visit to the existing membership body of LCADV, who then votes on whether to accept the applicant as a new member program.  The applicant may be asked to come to a membership meeting and make a presentation.

Each parish in Louisiana has a full service domestic violence program assigned to serve it already. If an applicant is in the programming area of an existing full service program, they must provide evidence that they have collaborated with that existing program.


1. LCADV History, Purposes, Principles of Unity and Philosophy

2. Quality Assurance Standards

3. Tier 2 Membership Application

Member program benefits (Tier 2: Advocacy or Outreach Program):

  • Be a part of a statewide coalition of advocates for survivors of domestic violence
  • Listed as a member in select LCADV publications, contact lists, and websites
  • Access to the most current and up-to-date information on domestic violence issues across the nation
  • Discounted conference registration
  • Discounted on site training
  • Limited free technical assistance from LCADV staff
  • Discounted LCADV publications
  • Access to LCADV resource library
  • Receive Public Policy Action alerts
  • Receive LCADV’s electronic newsletter