Leanne Knot Memorial Award

For Outstanding Work in the Effort to End Violence Against Women

The purpose of this annual award is to recognize an individual within our state who has made a significant contribution, either through their employment or as a volunteer, in the area of prevention or intervention in domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

Now accepting nominations

To submit a nomination, complete the nomination form and submit it via email to Mariah.Wineski@lcadv.org or fax to 225-751-8927.

Nominations are due Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

The Leanne Knot Memorial Award will be presented at Louisiana’s 10th Annual Conference on Sexual Assault & Family Violence, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, December 11-13, 2013.

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History of the Award

The Leanne Knot Memorial Award was established in 1998 to honor the memory of Leanne Knot, a Tulane University graduate student who was abducted, raped and murdered in New Orleans on Feb. 14, 1997, following the close of the First Annual Collaborating to STOP Violence Against Women Conference, where she had served as a volunteer.  Leanne, who was working on a dual master’s degree in social work and public health, was at the time of her death an intern with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office and the state Office of Public Health. Prior to studying at Tulane, Leanne, a native of Michigan, had spent two years in Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer. In her graduate school application, she wrote that she believes strongly in “giving time and money to emotionally and economically needy people in our community and around the world…My church and my family have had the greatest influence on how I feel other people, especially those who are disenfranchised, ought to be treated….My demonstrated qualities of determination, patience, understanding, caring, adaptability, eagerness to broaden my perspective and hard work will advance my education and goal of improving the health and emotional well-being of women and children here and abroad.”
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Award Eligibility

The criteria used to select the award recipient are as follows:
1.      Must be a law enforcement officer, service provider, volunteer, judge, or          prosecutor.
2.      Has contributed within the justice system or the service delivery system to          efforts to end violence against women; OR
         Has developed, implemented, or significantly enhanced a pilot or model          program designed to address violence against women; OR
         Has contributed in the area of violence prevention; OR
         Has made a significant impact on the manner in which the community, the          justice system, or the service delivery system responds to victims of violence          against women.  
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Past Winners

1998: Barbara Davidson, Capital Area Family Violence Program, Baton Rouge
1999: Sue Bernie, Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office
2000: Lt. Stan Hoogerwerf, New Orleans Police Department
2001: Attorney General Richard P. Ieyoub, Louisiana Department of Justice
2002: Jeanne LeBlanc, Chez Hope, Thibodaux
2003: Lt. Karla Naquin, Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office
2004: Deborah Travis, RN, MN, CNS, SANE-A, Charity Hospital, New Orleans
2005: Gayle Jackson, Baton Rouge
2006: Dr. Rhonda Evans, PhD, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
2007: Ann Polak, Calcasieu Women’s Shelter, Lake Charles
2008: Ayn Stehr, Baton Rouge
2009: Patsy Taylor, Louisiana Protective Order Registry
2010: Tracy Dahmer, Louisiana Attorney General’s Office
2011: Pam Jenkins, University of New Orleans
2012: Ralph C. Peters, Family Violence Intervention Program