how they voted when it mattered

Do your legislators stand up for domestic violence victims? Click the bill below to see your legislators’ voting records.

2014 Louisiana Legislative Session

SB 233 – Provides housing protections to victims of domestic violence
– Makes it unlawful to refuse to rent to someone, evict someone, or refuse to sell to someone on the basis of their status as a domestic violence victim

SB 291 – Amends civil proceedings for domestic abuse victims
- Exemplary damages may be awarded in domestic abuse lawsuits resulting in serious physical injury or severe emotional distress
- Court costs, fees, and other sanctions shall be awarded in frivolous lawsuits

SB 292 – Amends divorce proceedings for domestic abuse victims
- No divorce waiting period for victims of domestic or sexual abuse
– Minimum 180 day interim spousal support following “immediate” divorce judgment

- Domestic abuse a factor to be considered in awarding final support
- Criminal conviction or optional domestic abuse expert evaluation to determine domestic abuse
– Optional lump sum final support payment to minimize post-divorce contact
– Final spousal support to victim may exceed 1/3 abuser’s net income

HB 747 – Amends the crime of Domestic Abuse Battery
- Domestic Abuse Aggravated Assault becomes a crime of violence
– No release on recognizance for Violation of Protective Order
– Second Domestic Abuse Battery conviction is a felony

- Domestic abuse intervention program to be court monitored and conducted by domestic abuse specialists

HB 750 – Strengthens Protection Orders
- Expedites transmission of protective orders to state registry and local law enforcement
– Law enforcement must issue summons to person in violation of a protective order

- Presumption that person subject to protective order is predominant aggressor

HB 753 – Restricts Abusers’ Access to Firearms
- Prohibits those convicted of domestic abuse from possessing a weapon for 10 years after conviction
– Prohibits offenders from possessing a firearm for the duration of a protective order issued after a full hearing
- Does not give law enforcement a directive to seize weapons, but if an offender has a weapon they could be charged with a felony at the discretion of law enforcement 


Federal Legislation

2013 Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization
- Reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act
– Provides crucial funding to law enforcement, victim service organizations, courts, and prosecutors to improve response to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence. Also provides for funding of violence prevention initiatives.