HB 747  – Amends the crime of Domestic Abuse Battery
- Domestic Abuse Aggravated Assault becomes a crime of violence
– No release on recognizance for Violation of Protective Order
– Second Domestic Abuse Battery conviction is a felony
– Domestic abuse intervention program to be court monitored and conducted by domestic abuse specialists

How they voted when it mattered:


Mr. Speaker
Rep. Abramson
Rep. Adams
Rep. Anders
Rep. Armes
Rep. Arnold
Rep. Badon
Rep. Barras
Rep. Barrow
Rep. Berthelot
Rep. Billiot
Rep. Bishop, S.
Rep. Bishop, W.
Rep. Broadwater
Rep. Brossett
Rep. Brown
Rep. Burford
Rep. Burns, H.
Rep. Burns, T.
Rep. Burrell
Rep. Carmody
Rep. Carter
Rep. Champagne
Rep. Chaney
Rep. Connick
Rep. Cox
Rep. Danahay
Rep. Dixon
Rep. Edwards
Rep. Fannin
Rep. Foil
Rep. Franklin
Rep. Gaines
Rep. Garofalo
Rep. Gisclair
Rep. Greene
Rep. Guillory
Rep. Guinn
Rep. Harris
Rep. Harrison
Rep. Havard
Rep. Hazel
Rep. Henry
Rep. Hensgens
Rep. Hill
Rep. Hodges
Rep. Hoffmann
Rep. Hollis
Rep. Honore
Rep. Howard
Rep. Hunter
Rep. Huval
Rep. Ivey
Rep. Jackson
Rep. James
Rep. Jefferson
Rep. Johnson
Rep. Jones
Rep. Lambert
Rep. Landry, N.
Rep. Landry, T.
Rep. LeBas
Rep. Leger
Rep. Leopold
Rep. Lopinto
Rep. Lorusso
Rep. Mack
Rep. Miller
Rep. Montoucet
Rep. Moreno
Rep. Morris, Jay
Rep. Norton
Rep. Ortego
Rep. Pearson
Rep. Pierre
Rep. Ponti
Rep. Pope
Rep. Price
Rep. Pugh
Rep. Pylant
Rep. Reynolds
Rep. Richard
Rep. Ritchie
Rep. Robideaux
Rep. Schexnayder
Rep. Schroder
Rep. Seabaugh
Rep. Shadoin
Rep. Smith
Rep. St. Germain
Rep. Stokes
Rep. Talbot
Rep. Thibaut
Rep. Thierry
Rep. Thompson
Rep. Whitney
Rep. Williams, A.
Rep. Williams, P.
Rep. Willmott
Rep. Woodruff

Mr. President
Sen. Adley
Sen. Allain
Sen. Amedee
Sen. Appel
Sen. Broome
Sen. Brown
Sen. Buffington
Sen. Claitor
Sen. Cortez
Sen. Crowe
Sen. Donahue
Sen. Dorsey-Colomb
Sen. Erdey
Sen. Gallot
Sen. Guillory
Sen. Heitmeier
Sen. Johns
Sen. Kostelka
Sen. LaFleur
Sen. Long
Sen. Martiny
Sen. Mills
Sen. Morrell
Sen. Morrish
Sen. Murray
Sen. Nevers
Sen. Peacock
Sen. Perry
Sen. Riser
Sen. Smith, G.
Sen. Smith, J.
Sen. Tarver
Sen. Thompson
Sen. Walsworth
Sen. Ward


No State Representatives
No State Senators

Didn’t Vote

Rep. Armes
Rep. Cromer
Rep. Dove
Rep. Geymann
Rep. Harrison
Rep. Morris, Jim
Rep. Simon

Sen. Chabert
Sen. Peterson
Sen. White