PEP for Prevention of HIV: When, Why & How

February 13, 2014 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
International Association of Forensic NursesEvent website

This webinar is one of a series addressing the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations of Adults and Adolescents. The National Protocol recommendations encourage prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections, if indicated. Following sexual assault, the risk of exposure to HIV may be a patient concern and must be a priority for all clinicians. This webinar is designed for clinicians and medical directors who deliver and prescribe treatment for patients post-sexual assault. The presenters will discuss:

1.    When/What: Currently recommended nPEP antivirals and the various medication regimens that clinicians can prescribe according to a patient’s history of assault and pertinent medical history.

2.    Why: Variations in treatment regimens may be prescribed based on certain details of the patient’s history of the assault and the pertinent medical history.

3.     How: Suggestions for implementing nPEP procedures for patients who have experienced sexual assault and information on providing resources to assist patients in obtaining prescribed nPEP antivirals.

All clinicians and allied professional disciplines who work with sexual assault patients are invited to attend the webinar. The webinar is supported by Grant No 2011-TA-A-K021, awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, US Department of Justice.  The webinar will also be archived for future viewing.



Lee Wilbur, M.D. – Dr. Wilbur is an Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and the Medical Director for the Wishard Hospital Center of Hope and the Wishard Hospital Emergency Department HIV Program. The Wishard Center of Hope, staffed by forensic nurse examiners, serves victims of sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Dr. Wilbur has collaborated with the hospital administration, pharmacy services, and the department of infectious diseases to create a reliable post-exposure prophylaxis protocol for victims of sexual assault. In 2008, Dr. Wilbur was the founding Medical Director for an emergency department-based HIV program. The program offers universal HIV screening, linkage to care for newly diagnosed patients, and outreach services for patients who are currently living with HIV and have fallen out of care. Since 2008, the program has screened nearly 30,000 patients, has identified more than 100 newly reactive patients, and boasts one of the country’s highest rates for linkage to care.


Lynn Young — Receiving her bachelor’s degree in social work from Ball State University in 1978, Ms. Young began her career at St. Mary Medical Center in Gary, Indiana, and at St. Margaret Hospital in Hammond, Indiana, before relocating to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, where she has worked for the last 34 years. She currently serves as the Forensic Specialist for the Indiana University (IU) Health Methodist Hospital Forensic Center, located at the IU Methodist Hospital Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center, and is Co-Chair of the IU Health Domestic Violence Coalition. Ms. Young has extensive experience in crisis intervention for victims of violence and trauma recovery, critical incident debriefing, grant writing, program planning and development, and has published in the Indiana Journal of Medicine. In addition, Ms. Young is currently a coordinator of patient assistance for the IU Health Methodist Retail Pharmacy.

Diane M. Janowicz, M.D. – Dr. Janowicz is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM). She is a faculty member in the IUSM Division of Infectious Diseases and serves as the Program Director of the Infectious Diseases Fellowship. Dr. Janowicz provides medical care for patients with a wide variety of infections and her clinical interests center on caring for patients who are infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. In addition, Dr. Janowicz specializes in educating medical students, residents, and fellows about general infectious diseases. Her research interests focus on chancroid, a sexually transmitted disease that facilitates the transmission of HIV.


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