Managing Outcomes for Victims of Domestic Violence

November 5, 2013 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Service provision to victims of domestic violence presents unique challenges if an agency or staff member is to effectively respect, inform, connect and inspire program participants. Trauma-informed care has significant implications for organizational processes, and demands that direct service staff align the work they do with overall organization strategy to avoid re-traumatization while still driving towards improved outcomes.

Dennis Newlin, Clinical Director of STAND! For Families Free of Violence, has helped Social Solutions develop a best-practice model that providers can use to apply intentionality, demanded by trauma-informed care, to their work.

Along with other research-based, best practice models, these tools allow providers to collect the information necessary to evaluate program effectiveness and quickly report progress to funders. A combined discussion and software demonstration will show how, in practice, technology can reflect and support program goals and the daily frontline work in pursuit of those goals.

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